Jessica Barnhart

Physical Education Rules

Teacher: Mrs. Barnhart                                                                       


Phone: 594-3962


Missed Classes
   1. Students will not receive participation points on days absent, medical excuse, or not participating for other reasons.
   2. Students will be given the opportunity to make absent or medical excuses to earn back the participation points lost within the same unit they miss a class in (for example, if a student misses a day of swimming, they must make up the class during our swimming unit).
   3. Students who forget clothing, refuse to change, or refuse to participate in physical education will be marked as unprepared and will receive a zero for the day. If students are unprepared a second time the student will be assigned an after school detention and every time there after.    
   4. A student may not make up a class that they refuse to participate in at a prior date. 
   5. Students with more than nine absences throughout the year (that have not been made up) will not receive Physical Education credit for the year.  They will fail PE and be placed in PE every day the following year.

1. Students must make up absent or medical excuses within the same unit they missed class.

Pre-signed passes will be given for students to make up a PE class during their study halls.

If a student does not have a study hall, other arrangements must be made with the teacher.

4. It is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher and make those arrangements before the
end of the unit we are covering.


1. Students with a medical release will be given opportunities for make-ups at a later time or given written assignments.  A doctor’s note must be brought to our school nurse for any medical limitations.

2.  Students who are injured are not able to stay in the gymnasium, they must report to class first to get their assignment and then report to study hall.

3. Students who have inhalers are responsible to bring their inhalers with them to each class. 

Dress Code

Physical Education Class Dress Code

  1. Students must wear a T-shirt or sweatshirt (that must follow the school dress code, no tank tops).
  2. Students must wear shorts (at least mid-length that must follow the school dress code) or athletic pants.
  3. Students must wear an all-purpose athletic shoe that can be tied securely to their feet.
  4. Students must wear socks.
  5. Students must change their clothing and be dressed in different clothing then the clothing that they wore to school.
  6. Students must have hair tied back out of their face (for safety purposes).
  7. Outdoor weather may require sweatshirts, sweat pants, or a light jacket. Students should plan accordingly so that you are comfortable for class and always be prepared to go outside.
  8. No jewelry is allowed to be worn during physical education class.

Swimming Class Dress Code

  1. Female: one piece bathing suit preferred, two piece will be allowed
  2. Male: swim trunks
  3. Towel is necessary
  4. Swim caps, goggles are optional

Student Responsibilities

Grades 6-12

  1. All students 6-12 are expected to act and perform in an appropriate manner under control at all times.
  2. It is important for each student to be respectful of all administrators, faculty, staff, and fellow students at all times.
  3. Students should not interfere with others right to learn or my right to teach.
  4. Students have to be in class or the locker room when the bell rings. Students are considered tardy if they arrive late without a pass from a teacher.  After being late 3 times, a student will be assigned an after school detention.
  5. Inappropriate language and swearing is not allowed and will be addressed. Students will be assigned a locker for the purpose of storing appropriate clothing and shoes for physical education class. Physical education lockers should be locked at all times.
  6. Students should not share their physical education locker.
  7. Students should not share their physical education locker combination with anyone.
  8. Cell phones must be locked in the student’s school locker during the school day.
  9. Cell phones are not allowed and may not be used during the school day.
  10. No gum is allowed to be chewed during physical education class.
  11. I-pod use will be allowed at the discretion of the physical education teacher.

Physical Education Grading Procedure

“Strive for Double Five”

        Each student will be graded on the “Strive for Double Five” philosophy.  Students will be able to earn up to ten points each class.  The ten components students will be graded on will consist of:

  1.  Being on time
  2.  Changed and dressed appropriately within 5 minutes
  3.  Safety
  4.  Demonstrating sportsmanship
  5.  Positive Attitude
  6.  Listening to directions
  7.  Assessment of skill*
  8.  Effort and Actively participating throughout warm up and lesson (*Worth 3 points of the 10)

         *Written assessments will also be incorporated at the end of certain units.

 Each quarter students will begin with a 100 for a grade.  Each class is worth 10 points.

Earning 10 points = 100 points   Earning 9 points = 90 points   Earning 8 points = 80 points      

Earning 7 points = 70 points      Earning 6 points = 60 points    Earning 5 points = 50 points      

Earning 4 points = 40 points      Earning 3 points = 30 points    Earning 2 points = 20 points
Earning 1 point = 10 points         Earning 0 points = 0 points