Policies, Questions and Answers

Collection Development Policy

The Northern Adirondack Elementary Library serves the needs of the elementary students grades K-5, as well as those of its teachers and staff.  The collection development policy acts as a guideline for the acquisition of materials for the library and media center.  Standards of quality are high in the selection process.  Some of these guidelines include:

  1. Support and be consistent with the general educational goals of the state, the district and the aims and objectives of individual schools and specific courses.

  2. Be chosen to enrich and support the curriculum and the personal needs of users.

  3. Meet high standards of quality in:

    • Artistic quality and/or literary style

    • Authenticity

    • Educational significance

    • Factual content

    • Physical format

    • Presentation

    • Readability

    • Technical quality

To assist in the selection process, reputable, unbiased professionally prepared aids such as School Library Journal, American Library Association (ALA) Caldecott and Newberry Award winners, BooklistFollett Library resources, etc.. shall be consulted as guides. Additionally, teacher requests will be filled in order to provide relevant, useable resources which support the curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many books may a student borrow?
Kindergarten-Grade 1 (1 book)
Kindergarten students do not bring books home for the first few months of school
Grades 2-5  (2 books)

How often does my child visit the library?
Your child has library for 40 minutes once per 6-day cycle.

When does my child need to return his/her library book to school?
Books can be borrowed for one or two weeks.  Students may not borrow additional books until they have returned their current library books.
Please send in books the day your child has library class. 

What happens if my child forgets his/her book on library book return day?
If they forget, they can bring it in the next morning to get another book.

Do you accept book donations?
Yes! We also encourage book purchases to the library as gifts for birthdays, memorials, etc...  Please be sure the book is hardcover; softcover books do not last in the library and the spine is often not thick enough for a spine label and can't be seen by the students on the shelf. 

Does my child use the computers while in the library?
Yes! As many lessons as possible are centered around the use of the media center and technology.  Technology is important to student achievement.  American Association of School Librarians (AASL) 
Standards for the 21st Century Learner utilize learner-centered outcomes.

Students use the online library catalog (OPALS) to search for books.  They also learn how to navigate databases, create electronic projects, conduct research, and learn how to become good consumers of information and resources.