Business Club

Mission Statement

  1. Deepen each student’s understanding of fundamental business concepts and the central role of business in society, and to improve his or her ability to function in an economic environment.

  2. To offer students in the Business Club the understanding of key principles of business management, so that they might contend intelligently with the numerous problems of business.

  3. To develop in all students, through on-hands experience, basic skills of information gathering, problem solving, decision-making, and the ability to communicate effectively.

  4. To offer any senior with one year experience, the chance for a scholarship (chosen by the scholarship committee).  Funds are raised through a specific identified fundraiser put to a vote by all members during a meeting.  If there are no eligible seniors, the money raised will be put aside for the following year or until a senior is eligible.


The Business Club is open to all students in grades 9-12.  The students within the Business Club must have and keep a good academic standing within his or her classes to remain active.  Elected officers and faculty advisors would have the right to deny entry to those that they feel would be too immature or not serious enough through a majority vote.