COVID-19 Response Resources

Coronavirus is a type of virus that causes respiratory illness — an infection of the airways and lungs. COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus. It’s part of the same family of coronaviruses that includes the common cold.

Coping with Stress During Infections Disease Outbreaks

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus News of the coronavirus COVID-19 is everywhere, from the front page of all the papers to the playground at school. Many parents are wondering how to bring up the epidemic in a way that will be reassuring and not make kids more worried than they already may be. This link provides advice from the experts at the Child Mind Institute.

BrainPop video: Coronavirus
BrainPop video: Handwashing

BrainPop and BrainPop, Jr are subscription databases of animated videos covering a wide range of topics, from history to engineering.  BrainPop has made these two videos freely available, without requiring login. To access the rest of the videos, contact the Elementary Librarian, Mrs. Smallman:

Webcomic for Kids explaining Coronavirus

It's a word you might have heard at school or online or on tv  sniff sniff aghhh what he might have the coronavirus omg omg omg wait what is that ..

CVES COVID-19 Coronavirus Information Page
CVES is monitoring the status of component school districts and the region by working closely with the Clinton and Essex County Health Departments, the NYS Department of Health (DOH), and the NYS Education Department (NYSED) as well as keeping in close communication with area school districts.

Leader in Me (7 Habits) resources for families Click on this link and scroll to the bottom for videos, activities, and printable coloring sheets for families to use while practicing the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.   

COVID-19 Return to School Form

Parent/ Guardian Letter ( Student is exhibiting COVID-19 Symptoms)

Student Return to School -->

Attestation Form: The Clinton County Health Department has created a new pathway for students to return to school while experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19. A negative test result on two COVID-19 home (antigen) tests would enable the student to return If both tests are negative and test #2 was given at least 24 hours, but no more than 48 hours, after test #1. Students should also meet the school’s standard health requirements for attending school (i.e., if they have a hacking, unrelenting cough, they should not be in school), and they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.