COVID - 19 Announcement  #2

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                                                                          Wednesday, November 4, 2020 – Second Notice for Today

Dear Northern Adirondack CSD Families:

Northern Adirondack Central School District was informed this afternoon, November 4th  that an individual from the Northern Adirondack Central School District community has tested positive for COVID-19.

Here are the details as presented by the Clinton County Health Department and NAC Protocol

  • The individual is a student who was last on campus on Tuesday, October 20, 2020
  • The individual has been home on quarantine related to a sibling being quarantined as a result of the recent positive case at CV-Tech
  • The individual received notice of a positive COVID-19 test result today which was shared with us
  • There is no need to contact trace or quarantine any staff or students at this point, however the Clinton County Health Department is the leader in this process and will let us know if and when either are necessary

Northern Adirondack Central School District will remain open and continue our current in-person and hybrid models of education.  We continue to diligently clean and disinfect our campus, while remaining in close contact with the Clinton County Health Department.

Please contact the building principal in the building that your child attends, or myself directly if you would like more information about our health and safety procedures.  Any additional questions, including information about testing procedures, can be directed to the Clinton County Health Department at (518) 565-4840.

                                                                                                            Thank you for your patience and support,

                                                                                                            Mr. James C. Knight, Jr.

                                                                                                            Superintendent of Schools