Some questions have come up in regards to the upcoming February Break scheduled for the week of February 15th.  First and foremost, the break is still scheduled as planned and their is no plan to make changes to the school calendar.  Secondly, the question has been raised about the possibility of a post vacation "Pause" like we implemented after the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's breaks.  The holiday breaks that prompted the proactive "Pauses" were a result of the known expectation of a post holiday surge as a result of people gathering, which is not expected to be the case after the scheduled February Break.  At this point, there is not an early plan to implement a "Pause" after the February Break.  Where this may change, is if the Clinton County Health Department encourages school districts to pull back from in-person opportunities based on another surge in our greater community.  One of the potential causes to a possible surge would be out of state travel during the February Break.  It is important for everyone considering such travel to be aware of the NYS COVID-19 Travel Advisory and the criteria outlined on the following webpage.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding, and now let's all do what we can to keep our community safe and healthy allowing us the opportunity to maintain in-person and hybrid learning models.