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Winter High Risk Sports Information

This memo is intended for those student-athletes and their parents/guardians in grades 7 – 12 who have already signed up for Winter Sports with Nurse Gilmore in the MS/HS, and for those who might not have signed up yet. 

Information for those who have not signed up yet

  • Notify Nurse Gilmore and or Athletic Director Witkiewicz via email of your intention to play a Winter Sport by Tuesday, February, 16, 2021 –  or
  • Follow all of the information listed for those who have already signed up

Information for those who have already signed up

  • Please print and fill out the documents that can be found by clicking the MENU drop-down on the Northern Adirondack CSD website, followed by the Documents tab, followed by the Parents folder, then the Sports folder, where you will find the required 4 documents that must be filled out.
    • Document 1 – NAC Sport Participation COVID Waiver
    • Document 2 – Athletics Health History Form
    • Document 3 – Heads Up Concussion
    • Document 4 – Medical – COVID-19 Clearance Form
  • Fill out Documents 1, 2, and 3 completely, and only the Sport and Name of Student-Athlete on Document 4
  • There will be a mandatory clearance opportunity on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 from 9am until 12noon at the MS/HS building with Nurse Gilmore and representatives from our District’s Medical Director’s office (Plattsburgh Health Group)
    • If you are in need of a physical, you can receive it during this clearance opportunity
    • If you have a physical on file, you must still obtain COVID clearance (Document 4) to participate in a sport
    • All student athletes must obtain a COVID clearance (Document 4) before being allowed to practice, and the Medical Director will be granting that clearance in an effort to avoid any of our student-athletes from having to make an appointment with their own Personal Health Care Provider
    • For those student-athletes that may need assistance in getting to the MS/HS between 9am and 12non on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, please email Athletic Director Witkiewicz for assistance.
    • All student-athletes who do not attend Wednesday, February 17, 2021’s Clearance Opportunity, will need to obtain COVID clearance from their Personal Health Care Provider which may cause a delay in when you may start practicing.
  • All cleared Varsity student-athletes may begin practicing after they receive clearance on Wednesday, February 17th, however the coaches will inform you as to when practices will start.
  • All JV and Modified practices will not begin until at least Saturday, February 27, 2021.  Information regarding the specifics of the JV and Modified programs will be forthcoming.

There will be a Google Meet for all Winter Sports student-athletes and their parents/guardians with Athletic Director Witkiewicz and Superintendent Knight on Monday, February 15, 2021 at 6pm.  

The link to the Google Meet is; 

Phone number access # is; 1 617-675-4444  

PIN: 554 247 425 9896#