Good afternoon NAC families!

In collaboration with our Transportation Supervisor, Cory McCasland, we have revised our Transportation Plan.  Due to consolidated bus runs and a driver shortage we were originally reluctant to allow students to ride different buses, however we are sympathetic to the many unique situations present in our district community.  We are willing to allow for permanent Monday through Friday schedules that will not change throughout the school year.  Meaning, whatever bus you require in the morning and afternoon for every Monday through Friday we will try to accommodate.  What cannot happen is if you need to get picked up at location A and dropped of at location B on Monday of this week, but wish to get picked up at location A and dropped of at Location A next Monday.  For all of the special permanent arrangements requested you must contact Mr. McCasland.  It is also necessary to share with your children that they may have to sit three in a seat if the number of students on any given bus is large due to these unique situations.  Thank you for your understanding and willingness to work with us.  

                                                                                                  Mr. Knight and Mr. McCasland